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Signing a Contract


Over twenty life insurance carriers to choose from, there is a policy to meet your unique needs at every stage of your life 

A. Term Life Insurance is a policy contract between you and an insurance company for a defined period where you promise to pay a premium each month. In the event you pass away during the term, a sum is paid out to assigned beneficiary. Some are designed to meet temporary needs such as critical, chronic, acute illinesses, recurring bills and mortgage protection.


B. Final Expense Insurance Policies is designed for people who are older in age and want to make sure their funeral costs are taken care of. 


C. Universal life insurance is a type of permanent insurance policy that also includes an investment savings component as well as some properties of term life insurance.


D. Whole life a type of life insurance that includes cash value, leveled insurance cost and guaranteed to remain in force for the insured's entire lifetime, provided required premiums are paid, or to the maturity date.


Over twenty Companies to choose the best rates and terms.

An Annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company in which you make a lump-sum payment or series of payments and, in return, receive regular disbursements, beginning either immediately, at some point in the future or at the end of the term of the contract

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Financial Wellness Coaching, courses to help individuals, children and organization's Employees consistently achieve your financial goals.

Financial wellness give you the ability to live a healthy financial life where you have power to take control of your financial health now and into the future while achieving all your financial goals. Organizations have the opportunity to coach employees through organized workshops and reduce employee turn over.

Self paced courses for individuals and children to obtain financial education at their own time.

Contract Review
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