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Welcome to SecureNow Not Later

SecureNow Not Later is dedicated to empowering individuals and families to conquer every facet of financial success. From everyday struggles to the grandest aspirations, we believe that with the right guidance and resources, anyone can attain their financial dreams. 
Financial issues impact every facet of life; from the smallest to the largest parts of society. Our name embodies our philosophy, the time to secure your path to financial success and security is now, not later.

About Me

My name is Hadiza M Dosunmu

Hadiza M Dosunmu is a seasoned professional with an MBA and a fervent dedication to advancing her expertise through a Masters in Financial Technology. With over fifteen years of experience in the Financial Services industry, Hadiza has honed her skills by collaborating with clients across various stages of life aiding them in realizing their financial aspirations.

Witnessing firsthand the ramifications of inadequate financial planning on countless lives, Hadiza is propelled by a steadfast mission to equip individuals and families with the requisite knowledge and tools for financial success across all stages of life. Her commitment extends from nurturing financial literacy in children to ensuring financial security for the elderly.

In addition to her advisory role, Hadiza is an independent life insurance agent licensed in over seven states. This multi-faceted approach underscores her holistic approach towards financial empowerment, where she combines her expertise in financial planning with the assurance of life protection.

With a passion for making a meaningful impact, Hadiza M Dosunmu is dedicated to fostering financial resilience and prosperity for all.

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